Welcome to Jenness Farm!

Why Jenness Farm Soaps?

We are proud of the products that we produce and use them on a daily basis ourselves. If, for any reason, you are ever unhappy with one of our products, we will do everything we can to make things right. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.

Here’s what we DON’T do at Jenness Farm:

We never test products on animals.
We outsource nothing, all of our soap and body care products are produced right here on the farm.
We never skimp on quality ingredients.

We use a whopping 8 pounds of goat milk in each 32 pound batch that we produce. This is the number one ingredient in all of our soaps.

Most store bought soaps are now laden with synthetic fillers and additives. Although they may be labeled “pure,” these soaps are not necessarily wholesome. Our soaps are both pure and wholesome.

A by-product of the cold kettle process of making soap is glycerin. In industrial manufacturing, the glycerin is removed and the soap becomes less beneficial to your skin.

Our handcrafted soaps not only benefit your skin by retaining their glycerin content, but also last much longer than a commercial bar.

Some of our soaps are naturally colored with herbs and spices. In some instances we use non-irritating ultramarines or pigments for coloration.

Our soaps contain only pure essential oils or quality fragrance oils to scent them or are left entirely unscented. Beyond the beneficial properties for your skin, we find scenting with pure essential oils gives our soap charm and character of its own.

Each bar is lovingly hand crafted, hand cut and packaged with care. Each piece is a unique work of art, delicately scented and never overbearing.

We use the milk from our own goat herd, from goats who are humanely treated – ALWAYS!

You can be assured of an all-natural hand crafted soap with no additives or synthetic preservation.

Our soap base is a 100% vegetable oil blend. No tallow or lard will ever be used in our soaps.