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Jenness Farm shipping policy refers to orders placed within the United States. International orders on a case by case basis.

All orders will ship via UPS ground service unless you make special arrangements with Jenness Farm, LLC, as soon as you place your order. Please give us any special shipping instructions in the “comments” box of your order.

UPS will not ship to a post office box. We must have a physical address to ship your order.

BY ASKING US TO PROCESS YOUR ORDER, YOU AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS OUTLINED IN OUR “TERMS & CONDITIONS” AND “SHIPPING POLICIES”. The customer is responsible for the use or mis-use of any product purchased from Jenness Farm, LLC. All sales are final so choose your items carefully. If you have any questions, please email them to us or call us prior to placing your order.

Business or Residential Address? All our UPS shipments are classified as residential. Please either enter a notation on the order form or send an email to [email protected] if yours is a true business address (NOT a business operated out of a residence!). Please provide the order number.

COD’s: COD shipments will incur an additional $7.50 fee.

Damaged Shipments, Missing/Wrong Items/Wrong Zip, etc.: If the carrier delivers a box to you which is visibly damaged, crushed, or wet, please refuse it. If, once you open a box which appeared undamaged, you find damaged items inside, please notify us and UPS (800-742-5877 press 0) of the damage within 48 hours of your receipt of your order. The carrier may ask you to keep the box and the contents intact if they wish to conduct an inspection. Email notification works better for us and you will have a written record. Please email [email protected]. Failure to do so within 48 hours of your receipt of the shipment will void any claims made by you; if you call us to report damages, please obtain the name of the person with whom you speak and note the date and time of your call. We will do our best to ship promptly whatever was damaged in transit; however, we will not replace damaged items using air services even if you need the products immediately. If you find that an item is missing from your order or that we sent you the wrong item/size/etc., we must be notified within 48 hours of your receipt of the order. We will not, under any circumstances, accept missing/wrong item reports once the 48 hours are up. No exceptions.

We will not be responsible for any empty or filled bottle which breaks or explodes after receipt since we don’t know how the bottle was handled by the customer. Had the bottle been defective all along, it would have broken or exploded while in transit to you. We highly recommend that none of our products be left in a hot car or out in the sun as they will be affected and some might even explode. We take great care in packaging fragile items in order to prevent their breakage while in transit to the customer. However, sometimes products such as glass bottles or glass jars or rigid plastic jars may develop hairline cracks during transit and the customer notices that the jar or bottle will start to leak; this may be noticed immediately or within a short period of time. Should this occur, the customer needs to contact the carrier who delivered the package, initiate a claim and then notify us via email or fax. Once the claim has been approved by the carrier, we can proceed to replace the items involved in the claim. If too much time has elapsed since the package was delivered, the carrier may not honor the claim and this is why we strongly encourage all customers to go through their complete shipment upon receipt, not weeks later. However, we will not and cannot reimburse the customer for the raw materials which were lost during the leakage nor for any damage to areas near where the leak took place. We shipped an unbroken product; if it broke or developed hairline cracks while in transit to the customer, this is not our responsibility, but the carrier’s.

If the order ships to the wrong address because of your error, we cannot credit you. If you want us to re-ship to the correct address, we’ll have to wait for the original package to arrive at our warehouse and charge new shipping charges. We may be able to re-route a UPS package and pass along to you the UPS charge for re-routing which at this time is $5.00.

If you receive a wrong order or items with your order that you did not order, please do not send it back without first contacting us. Give us an opportunity to research and get back to you with an answer. Should you decide to ship the items back to us without our authorization, you will assume all responsibilities and expenses related with the return shipment and we won’t be able to reimburse you for shipping charges you may incur.

Lost Shipments, UPS: As soon as we’re made aware that a shipment may be lost or has not been delivered as scheduled by UPS, we will proceed to contact UPS who will place a tracer on the package. UPS asks that we allow 8 business days for a tracer to be completed. On numerous occasions the package has turned up before the 8 days are up. If a customer has an upcoming show or some other matter which requires an immediate replacement of the lost shipment, we must be informed of this by the customer. Otherwise, we will wait the 8 business days for the tracer to be completed before we replace the lost shipment. Please be advised that regardless of whatever venue the customer may have coming up for which the lost products are needed we cannot replace a lost shipment using air services unless UPS authorizes us to process this type of shipment at their expense. We cannot absorb the cost of air freight because of UPS mismanagement of a shipment.

Processing Times: Orders are processed same or next day There are times when, due to an extremely high volume of orders or to weather conditions, order processing may be delayed and we appreciate your understanding when this occurs. During extra heavy periods, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mother’s Day, as well as when we close during holidays, customers need to allow additional days for an order to be processed and shipped; please plan your order accordingly. In order to be fair to all customers, the only way we can rush an order is if you pay our Rush Order Fee of $20.00. Please remember also that you must allow time in transit for an order to reach you. and that we’re located in southern New Hampshire; you can find time in transit information by going to www.ups.com You will need to know that our zip code is 03290, that we have daily pickups and that we use our own packaging. You may also call UPS at 800-742-5877, press 0, and ask for Time in Transit.

Refused Shipments: Should you refuse delivery of a shipment for whatever reason (except if we authorize it), you will be charged a restocking charge of 20% of the total of the order, excluding S&H charges. S&H charges will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Re-routed Shipments: As the shipper, we are the only ones who have the authority to re-route packages shipped through UPS under our account number. If the customer asks UPS to re-route a shipment, the customer’s credit card will be charged $5 per re-routing which is what UPS will charge us. If your package requires a signature upon delivery and you ask UPS to re-route the package so you can sign for it, this is considered a re-routed shipment and we will charge you $5.00 for this change.

Returned Orders: Orders returned to us by the carrier because (1) of a wrong address provided by the customer (2) a signature was required upon delivery and the customer was never available to sign for the shipment even though the carrier left the required notifications and (3 ) the address provided to us does not accept postal deliveries and the customer did not inform us in writing, will incur new shipping charges if we’re to re-ship. If the customer chooses not to have the order re-shipped, the customer will incur a 20% restocking charge on the cost of the products. As is our policy, S&H charges are not refundable. UPS charges us to correct an address and we will pass this cost on to you if UPS must correct the address due to your error.

Shipping Charges: S&H charges are not refundable. The shopping cart provides the customer with an estimate of S&H charges. Due to the nature of our products and the extra care we take in packing, S&H charges initially quoted by our shopping cart may be too low if we find that we had to use several boxes or additional packing materials to properly pack the shipment; we will charge the difference in S&H at the time the order ships or shortly thereafter.

All orders shipped via UPS ship as “residential” deliveries. If, in your case, we are to deliver to a true business address, you need to notify us via email each time you order. Please note that a true business address does not include a business operated out of a residence.