Welcome to Jenness Farm!

So here we are…it’s Spring again!  The forsythia in front of the shop are in alarmingly beautiful full color, our favorite Magnolia tree behind the shop is starting to burst it’s full fuchsia blooms! Ahhhhhh!  (Then there’s the mud… There’s the compacted straw, shavings, hay, and poop that has collected all Winter, ready to be put into the compost pile.) There was a full fence replacement for the horse who broke down his fence several times this Winter… But it is ALL good, a sign of thawing, awakening and fantastic weather to come!  We have been listening to the thhrrump, thhrrump, thhrrump of little hooves in the shop for the last 9 weeks, but they are not our regular Spring babies (who will start appearing in May this year).  They are the pitter patter of Nigerian Dwarf hooves.  In case you have been living in a cave, without internet service…you may not know that we announced that we will be hosting Yoga With Goats @ Jenness Farm!  We brought on 5 little Nigerian Dwarf babies, Tula, Lily, Lotus, Zinnia & Poppy!  They are the sweetest little babies! Our customer and friend Janine Bibeau of “Peace, Love and Applesauce” has come on as our first certified yoga instructor!  We have since brought on Amanda Stanley as our second instructor and think we may be adding more.  The yoga classes for May will be in the shop. The 3rd floor of the barn, above the shop, is going to be miraculously transformed into a yoga studio by mid June!  We are SUPER excited about this new endeavor.  We had our first dry run class on a Thursday and I posted the photos, well…we started going viral.  I posted the video of the following Thursday’s class and just when we thought we had GONE viral…we actually WENT viral.  Holy moly!  We went from 5,000 very loyal followers on facebook to 50,000 in just a week!  At the time of this blog entry, that video has been seen by 38.3M people and has had 524K shares!  We we interviewed by a radio station in New Zealand and by BBC Radio in Nottingham ENGLAND (the other Nottingham!).  We have had stories produced by tv crews, newspaper reporters and national magazines!

Going viral has been a very interesting, eye opening experience, to say the least!! We would like to remind everyone that we are a NO KILL and hormone free farm.  We do NOT kill any of the babies born on our farm, even the boys, as many have asked!  Since Peter became soul owner of the farm, we have successfully found loving forever homes for all of the babies born on the farm for the last 5 years of kidding!  We carefully screen everyone who inquires.  We do have MANY calls for “baby goats” during certain seasons/holidays and we DO NOT sell them for meat.  We will advertise our babies on our page, facebook farm pages, etc…but we are extremely careful who they go to and most of the time, it is our regular customers who have been “thinking about having goats for pets.”  We do not fill our dairy goats full of hormones to keep them in milk.  Every farm friend on Jenness Farm has a name, a beautiful, individual personality and are respected and loved.  We cry when we lose a farm friend and we revel in the lessons that they teach us.  We are incredibly blessed to have them in our lives.

Please remember that you do not have to sign up for yoga class to come and visit our farm friends! Everyone is welcome to visit during our regular shop hours Wed-Sat 10-6:00 and Sun 11-4:00 (unless we post otherwise on facebook). Our farm friends LOVE to share a cup of grain, a good scratch behind the ears and some good company.  As always, we will see you at the farm!