Welcome to Jenness Farm!

It’s funny… many visitors to the farm have the idea that goats will eat anything.   Maybe it is memories of old cartoons and images of goats eating everything in sight and chewing on tin cans.   Don’t get me wrong… goats LOVE to eat!  Our goats eat grain, hay, dried leaves, Christmas Trees, apples and even candy canes during the holidays!   But not all goats, for example, like apples.  We have one goat, Lily who LOVES apples, yet others who will turn their noses up to them.   tree-dwelling-goats

Some like candy canes, others do not.   So, goats will not eat ANYTHING.   They do like to feel things out with their lips and will explore things with their mouths.

Goats are not grazers, they are browsers.  Much like a deer, they will strip leaves and bark from a tree as opposed to a sheep or cattle which will eat grass and hay from the ground.   And since Spring is here, if you have goats and are letting them browse, there are some plants which can be poisonous to them.  We have attached a link below to help you identify these dangers.   Happy Spring and Happy Browsing!!   http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Goats/Poisonous_Plants