Welcome to Jenness Farm!

Springtime on Jenness Farm is a wonderfully magical time!   We revel in the last little pile of snow melting, the pond defrosting, the leaves popping, flowers budding and BABIES being born!!   Not just goat babies, but this year our Springblogfinalmama duck (Ginger) and papa duck (Rufus) welcomed a single duckling “Sadie”.  She is a daring and adventurous little fluff ball, who has been known to leave the nest several times a day a venture down to the pond ALONE for a swim.    Mom and dad barn swallow hatched out a nest of eggs, they take turns flying in and out of the barn to feed the chirping babies.  We also had the addition of Emma, a 17 year old quarter horse who is absolutely lovely.  She has wonderful ground manners and will hopefully on the trails by the beginning of Fall.   She is enjoying the sights and sounds of her new home, and has setted into her beautful new stall barn.

This Spring we had 16 goat babies (11 doelings and 5 bucklings).  They were each beautiful and special in their own goat baby way!  Kidding started on March 3 with Rose birthing triplets Oscar, Greta and Hazel, and then 6 days later we had 4 days straight of birthing does!   The proud papa is our Nubian buck “Mr. Frankie Nibbles”.    We lost one baby and we are not sure why, she simply failed to thrive.   We saved one (little Abi) who was very close to not making it and she has become a customer favorite and Facebook star!   At one point we had 5 pack and plays set up in the shop, chock full’o babies!  We have found homes for all but two of the babies, but I think they will be placed within the week.  We have 4 who will be remaining here at the farm, Oscar, Adelaide, Abi and Delia.

This year is a little different and our kidding season will extend through the Summer.   We have 7 more ladies who are expecting!   There should be some colorful baies in this batch.  We are VERY excited and looking forward to meeting the next babies born into our AMAZING milking herd at Jenness Farm.    Thank you for your continued support!