Welcome to Jenness Farm!


Over the years we have had many customers ask us how they can help out, support the farm and it’s residents. Some told us how they wished that they could bring a farm animal home, but live in neighborhoods where they are prohibited, live in apartments, condos or simply have a lack of space.  We recently had a customer ask if her daughter could “adopt” one of our goat babies who was born this year, but keep the baby AT the farm. Another mom heard this conversation and asked if we were going to have an adoption/Sponsorship program and said how interested she would be…this began the idea of our “ON FARM” Adoption/Sponsorship Program.  By supporting our animals, you are helping us to continue to provide a wonderful, educational, peaceful wholesome environment where you and your family can spend time (for free) learning about our farm friends.  This is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one!

  • Chicken/Bunny  $5.00/month or $55/year
  • Turkey/Peacock Pair  $8.00/month or $88/year
  • Pig  $10.00/month or $110/year
  • Goat  $15.00/month or $160/year
  • Sheep  $20.00/month or $220/year
  • Donkey/Horse $20.00/month or $220/year